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The Hangdogs

East of Yesterday – 1997 (Crazyheard)

Reviewed by Kim Webber

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The Hangdogs write songs for working people. Songs about selling your record collection for a wedding ring ("The Ring"), telling the boss just what's on your mind ("In My Dreams"), and how the big guy keeps the little guy down ("Something Left to Save"). Standout track "I'd Call To Say I Love You...." is the updated version of "Friends In Low Places." Several songs take on a downright proletariat feel.

Now, don't go thinking these guys aren't having any fun, because they are. "Hey, Janene", is a good-hearted slacker's attempt to tell Janene Garafolo just how much they have in common, as well as an attempt to convince her that she's the girl of his dreams. In the record's finale, "They Don't Play Country On the East Side Of New York," The Hangdogs say what's on their mind about their hometown. This is a dancin', drinkin', smokin' kind of country record. The kind of record that could help rescue country music from it's doldrums. No hats required.