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Valerie Smith

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Valerie Smith overcomes storms (Nov 2002)
Rising up from what could have been very debilitating losses personally and professionally, Valerie Smith has a new album, a positive feeling and an optimistic outlook for both her brand of music and that of her genre. "No Summer Storm" is the title of her new disc for Bell Buckle Records, but both the fact that it has been released and has been so widely praised are both remarkable considering the obstacles that were put in its path. There was a new approach planned for the album.... more
Valerie Smith follows her dreams (Jul 2000)
She didn't know it at the time, but a turning point in Valerie Smith's later musical career - maybe even the birth of that career - took place on her eighth birthday, while traveling with her family in South Dakota. "I had a dream," says the Tennessee resident. "It was in the morning, that my grandpa had died, and the dream in the song is an exact description of what had happened. It kind of haunted me for a long time that my grandpa had died that morning, and I had had that dream."... more

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