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For Randy Rogers Band, it's just a matter of time

By Dawn Pomento, October 2006

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"I took piano lessons when I was kid, and the teacher told my mom that it was a waste. That I was untalented and would never learn. So that didn't work out. I might have been a little bit of a hellion back then."

"I took a little bit of voice lessons when I was 14, 15, 16. Other than that, I never took guitar lessons. And never really had any kind of formal theory training or anything like that. I could always pick a song out by ear and could play by ear. I always had an interest in melodies, just coming from the church and all the different hymns and all the melodies that got stuck in my head for all those years. I try to draw from melodies when I write. I try to make that my first and foremost important thing."

Melodies and especially catchy choruses are the foundation of "Just a Matter of Time." Most of the songs are co-written with other musicians.

Rogers recounts the experience of writing "Before I Believe It's True" with Foster.

"He brought basically the chord structure to the table and the idea to the table, and I took the chord structure and completely redid it. We then took the idea for the song and completely re-did the original idea. What in turn came out of the writing session was something neither of us had foreseen in the beginning. And the song kind of took its own life and became something with Radney and I helping it along."

"It's just proof that you can't always go with your first idea, or your first idea isn't always your best idea. Listening to each other and willingness to change something that seemed perfect in the beginning, but change it anyway just to make sure that there's no other possible way that you can say this thing and then finding out that there is, and then it ends up nothing like you started."

When asked if there is anyone he'd like to write with and hasn't had a chance to yet, Rogers says without hesitation, "Bruce Robison. Never written with him and only spoken with him briefly. That would be a big honor. I'll just leave it at that. That'll be my number one."

Rogers admits it's hard to find time to write on a long tour like the one he's embarking on now.

But he's starting to think about future plans. "Finally the wheels are turning in my head again. There's so much work getting a record out. Worrying about the record and touring the record and doing all the things you gotta do. Finally now I think I can slow down and start thinking about where I want to go."

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