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Tim Wilson: country's funniest man

By Robert Loy, January 2000

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You always hear stories about people who got successful being young and good-looking. But I sound old, so I'm just kinda working my way into my voice. So I don't have to worry about anybody ever going, 'Look at him, he sure has gone to pot.'"

"Stopped in Hodgenville, Ky. to see the birthplace of Abraham Lincoln. Little bitty cabin. Abraham Lincoln was the greatest president we ever had, but his daddy had to be the laziest man in the state of Kentucky. How long does it take to cut a few more trees, add on a bedroom. You're poor but the trees are free."

CST: I'm a history buff, and I appreciate some of the historical trivia I've picked up from you, like who invented the paper bag.
TW: I don't even know if that's true. But most of that stuff was right William Kimler, first guy to die in the electric chair, that other stuff. But I kinda fudged a little on the paper bag guy.

CST: And here I've been going around amazing people with my trivia knowledge.
TW: Well, that's okay, they don't know no better.
CST: Let me ask you a question about your friend keith urban. How come he doesn't capitalize his name?
TW: I don't know. It's kind of a k.d. lang thing, I guess, or maybe he's the e.e. cummings of Nashville. But I tell you something about urban; that boy can play, son. I had him play on my record, and I had him playing some of the worst guitar he's ever played in his life, cuz I needed it to sound funny.

CST: You'll have a new CD coming out in May.
TW: Yeah, that's three albums in a year and a half, which is a lot. But my songwriting partner sitting out here in the truck, Denny Simpson, me and him drive around and try to write songs. I need to have 14 songs going in so I can pick 10.

CST: Is the "George" song going to be on there?
TW: It might, if I can't think of nothing else, I might break that one out. That song was just kinda stupidity, but that works best sometimes.

CST: Any parting words of wisdom?
TW: Well, my record company guy told me to say I'm $12.98 at Wal-Mart. In the comedy section, past all those Adam Sandlers, right before you get to Weird Al Yankovic.

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