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Patty Loveless dreams on

By Jeffrey B. Remz, October 2005

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The recording with Loveless' vocals and an acoustic guitar also was included to give fans a sense of the pre-production process in making an album.

"This is the process we go through with him (Gordy) on a guitar and me vocally. We just go to these songs. Even though we do full production, we don't (bring the) full production of a demo into a studio for the musicians to her. We want them to be creative. They are just very very raw demos for them to listen to."

"Golden Bells," like other songs on the "Dreamin' My Dreams," tends to have a spiritual/religious bent.

"I'm a very spiritual kind of person," Loveless acknowledges. "It doesn't matter if the song as far as the lyric content is maybe a story from the Bible which I've done in the past." ("Daniel Prayed" and "Rise Up Lazarus" on "Mountain Soul")

"There are some songs that have very very spiritual lyrics, especially 'When I Reach Where I'm Going.' (Gordy co-wrote the song with Joe Henry) Through life, it's just the spirit that lives within us. I always want us to draw on that. When you just stop and think about the whole spirit of life anyway, we are the spirit of life."

"I think when people try to do good to others and try to live their life the best that (you) can and the best they can for their fellow man, to me a good person is a godly person, a person that doesn't criticize (others)."

"When I think of other people that are judgmental, I want people to be very very open minded. I think we all should be and open up our hearts to others and to music, different genres of music. Let it flow into our hearts and our souls. That's what I try to reach for."

Loveless says she uses her music to try and touch other people.

"Music has always touched me, and if I'm never able to meet someone, I want to be able to touch their life in some way through music, to be able to communicate with them."

"I do have faith and belief that that there is a God," says Loveless, who became a Freewill Baptist at about 15. "I just have a whole lot of faith and especially faith has brought me through many many things in life, many turmoils. Sometimes within the song, I want people to have some kind of hope and faith and even if it's a spiritual song, it gives them hope."

Religion plays a key role in Loveless' life, she says.

"Every day it plays a role in my life. When I get out in my yard, even if it's a rainy day or the sun's shining, I try to take it all in and appreciate because I look at all the world, and I think this is such a beautiful creation. I think God is in all things. It's in a child's eyes. When I look at the stars and moon at night, I feel God's presence. And my religion. My God is a loving God. A forgiving God. It's someone for me to share my inner self and to ask of forgiveness of things that I might have done and to guide me. I find that I look at God at many things every day of my life and am very thankful. In this world, there are people who want to destroy. I go ask 'why? why do you want to do this?' I'm very thankful it's a beautiful (world)."

Now that the album is out and receiving characteristically strong reviews, there are questions about how will "Dreamin' My Dreams" do commercially.

"This is a career that has been slowly building over the years," says Loveless. "I've reached some very very high points."

In 1996, Loveless was the Country Music Association's female vocalist of the year. She also has garnered 5 number 1 songs including "Timber, I'm Falling in Love" from 1989, "Chains" the following year; "Blame It On Your Heart" in 1993,"You Can Feel Bad" in 1995 and "Lonely Too Long" in 1996.

Since 1997 and the release of "Long Stretch of Lonesome," however, Loveless, has had not even one song in the top 10 during a period in which country veered towards pop music.

"Then again, it's leveled off," she says of her career. "Hopefully, with this record, it's picked back up again. In this day and time, the market is very very congested with more and more artists and new artists.""Sure I want people to get the music and hear the music, but as far as even at radio, I'm in competition not only with the new music of today but with the old Patty Loveless. That's the thing that I face. I guess to some extent, it's a good problem. I'm just hoping that radio will drop the old Patty Loveless for awhile and give the new Patty Loveless a chance."

"I've been fortunate enough to be a part of two major labels, which is the reason I'm saying it's been a slow building career. There's been a lot of longevity there."

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