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Shooter Jennings rides the "electric rodeo"

By Jeffrey B. Remz, May 2006

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"It is very heart felt."

Jennings gets jocular on "Alligator Chomp (The Ballad of Dr. Martin Luther Frog, Jr.) as told to Tony Joe White," an "off the wall" song penned by Powell.

While the song focuses on relationships between frogs and alligators, to Jennings, "Everybody is always so busy fighting everybody else, they don't even pay attention. If everybody was working together, they'd all be a lot stronger."

Jennings is in a busy period right now in releasing music.

Next up is a disc of Waylon Jennings and the 357s. The music is based on recordings father and son did a decade ago with new backing music.

"We planned to do a record together then. He was really excited about it. It was wild, no one knew what to think about it then. Now they will though."

"I can't explain to you what it is because it's not like a metal record. There's pedal steel on almost every record. We take it musically to a lot of different places."

"It's a very different record, but I think people are going to embrace it."

Jennings indicates there is a country vibe to the disc. He and his father recorded 25 songs together with this collection containing vocals only by his father though Shooter helps on a few songs.

And this fall, Jennings expects to produce his mom's next album, this one focusing on gospel music.

But, for now, Jennings is concentrating on his own music and starting to record another album in May.

Jennings say he takes the best advice his father gave him to go onward and upward. "Really the biggest lesson I ever learned was just being myself and him saying 'don't try and be like anybody else because you won't be'. It's really given me a strong sense of myself."

And to that end, "Electric Rodeo."

"I think we definitely stoked it in a different flavor. I don't feel we were trying to follow up the first record. We were definitely trying to lead people. Our fans love it. I know that. There were some definitely some people who were 'Fourth of July' freaks, and they don't like this record as much. It doesn't have as much as the Americana smiles on it that the first one did. I don't think that anybody thinks we didn't come (up) to par as artists. I'm not too worried. I'm excited the album's out and proud of it."

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