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Carter finally gets her shot

By Robert Loy, November 1996

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The CD was delayed several times. Some executives had qualms about releasing a CD with such a potentially controversial title. But the song "Did I Shave My Legs For This?" is such a sharp (again no pun intended) commentary on the ongoing war between the sexes that Carter insisted on titling the CD after it. There was also some confusion as to what should be the initial release.

"We had originally planned to release 'I've Loved Enough to Know' as the first single. And we were playing these showcases around the country with the radio people and they kept coming back with 'Man, we love the 'Strawberry Wine' song; when are you coming out with that? We got such a response that we decided to go ahead and change our plans. And it was two weeks before the release, so we had a video in the can and all of the artwork and packaging done with the other song, so we had to do a complete turnaround."

Carter took advantage of the time lag before the CD was released to lay the groundwork for a long-term career. She's toured all over the country - and the world.

"When Jimmy Bowen was head of the label, I sat down and asked him what were the possibilities of my having a worldwide career, and he said very good if you do well here because Garth was doing so well overseas. And I said I want to go now while I'm unknown because that way we can go for six months as opposed to being successful here and not being able to get there. We were making a name for ourselves so we can hopefully go back with a hit record. People in Europe and other countries are interested in "Strawberry Wine," and I think it's because we did lay that groundwork. I think if we were just coming out cold, nobody would really care."

People care now. In an age of cookie-cutter sound-alike artists, Carter stands out as a distinctively talented young woman. Some critics say we need more of her kind. In fact, you might say that Carter and "Did I Shave My Legs For This?" have arrived just in the "nick" of time. (Okay, pun intended.)

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