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Jeffrey Remz  |  July 2, 2015

Over the past week or so, a few throwback stylists - one live and one on CD - staked their claim as relevant today. Last Tuesday, country upstart Kacey Musgraves released her sophomore release on a major label, "Pageant Material." Two nights later, Lee Ann Womack was making her [...]

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Jeffrey Remz  |  June 25, 2015

The concept of music festivals in the U.S. lagged far behind those of Europe, where it has been an institution for decades. But in recent years, festivals have become part of the American musical fabric. The idea gained a tremendous amount of traction first in rock. That was not a surprise given [...]

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Jeffrey Remz  |  June 12, 2015

The annual spectacle of Nashville, the CMA Music Festival, is fast underway, giving a chance to thousands of people to catch their favorite artists. I mean where else could you see Gary Allan at 10 a.m.? At least that's what happened on Thursday when he opened the festival. As for today, [...]

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Jeffrey Remz  |  June 5, 2015

Debate about the role of women in country music, or the lack thereof, continues. The same radio consultant who made headlines last week by saying that radio stations ought to get rid of female artists for the sake of ratings, labeled the music industry this week as "sexist." Keith [...]

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Jeffrey Remz  |  May 29, 2015

Keith Hill is not a household name to the average country fan, but we can give him a huge shout out for raising the issue of the lack of airplay by women on country music radio this week. Hill is a radio consultant. He's the kind of guy who advises radio stations what artists and songs to [...]

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Jeffrey Remz  |  May 22, 2015

The Rolling Stones are back touring again on the Zip Code tour this time around. It should come ass no surprise that the Stones are not touring behind any new material. Unfortunately. In fact, their last full-length album of new songs was "A Bigger Bang" in 2005, only 8 years (sic) [...]

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Jeffrey Remz  |  May 15, 2015

The list of nominees was not a long one for the Americana Music Association Awards, which was announced on Wednesday. In fact, it seems as usual, the list was quite short. Lucinda Williams and recently acclaimed artists Sturgill Simpson and Shakey Graves, led the nominations with three [...]

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Jeffrey Remz  |  May 6, 2015

For the cave dwellers out there, Reba McEntire has a new single, "Going Out Like That," another one of her songs about a woman overcoming a break up to live her own life. By the end of the song, McEntire sings "Everybody, here comes the life of the party/Yeah, she is." [...]

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Jeffrey Remz When people ask, "How did you get into country music?" I tell them my version of the truth. "I grew up in eastern Long Island (NY)." Now, for the uninitiated, that used to be farm country. So, of course, it'd be natural for a farm kind of boy to love country, right? Isn't it obvious?

Yeah, right.

I think of my love of country music as an interest that got out of control. It started for me in the late 1980's with folks like Steve Earle, Dwight Yoakam, Lyle Lovett and Nanci Griffith and mushroomed from there to learning about artists from the past to the up-and-coming. Eventually, that led to learning about bluegrass and later Americana/rootsy music.

With "free time" on my hand as a reporter at the Salem, Massschusetts Evening News, in 1993, I started Country Standard Time magazine, which was distributed in record stores and live music clubs throughout the U.S. We're now only on the web covering everything from major label to true independent artists. My posts will cover the facets of what is about, which means all kinds of country, bluegrass and roots/Americana music.

Feel free to email me directly with your thoughts at Thanks a lot for reading.

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