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Jeffrey Remz  |  January 16, 2015

Whether she wanted to or not, Taylor Swift is now part of the debate about education thanks to House Speaker John Boehner. Boehner - or more precisely his digital staffers Caleb Smith and Mike Ricci - put together a piece for Boehner's web site, "12 Taylor Swift GIFS for you." [...]

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Jeffrey Remz  |  January 8, 2015

The long - make that ultra-long - wait for new music from Reba McEntire is over. McEntire released her first new music in four years on Wednesday, "Going Out Like That." The song will be from her forthcoming disc, due out in April. The song, penned by is about a woman, who, instead [...]

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Jeffrey Remz  |  January 7, 2015

If one had to predict what the number one selling country disc of 2014 would have been, I suspect people would have been hard pressed to select Eric Church's "The Outsiders." Now, that has nothing do whatsoever with quality. Church has got plenty of that on his left-of-center [...]

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Jeffrey Remz  |  January 6, 2015

Little Jimmy Dickens hadn't had a major league hit in almost 50 years, but he sure was a presence in country music until his death on Friday at 94. The West Virginia native, in fact, scored his biggest hit and only number one with "May the Bird of Paradise Fly Up Your Nose," in [...]

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Jeffrey Remz  |  December 24, 2014

Martina McBride may have given her fans, not to mention herself, a slightly early Christmas present with her announcement on the Today show that the singer who gave us the career song "Independence Day" was no longer independent. That was her choice though. McBride said she was [...]

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Jeffrey Remz  |  December 12, 2014

Taylor Swift may not be topping the country charts these days with "1989," as she's on to bigger and better things, but Billboard has a piece on how the magazine's woman of the year "changed country music." In an article that came out on Tuesday, Rob Tannenbaum [...]

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Jeffrey Remz  |  November 26, 2014

Garth Brooks has not been a particularly political figure in country music. He has taken an occasional position here and there, but those have been far and few in between. The most obvious one, perhaps, is "We Shall Be Free," where Brooks sang "When the last thing we notice is the [...]

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Jeffrey Remz When people ask, "How did you get into country music?" I tell them my version of the truth. "I grew up in eastern Long Island (NY)." Now, for the uninitiated, that used to be farm country. So, of course, it'd be natural for a farm kind of boy to love country, right? Isn't it obvious?

Yeah, right.

I think of my love of country music as an interest that got out of control. It started for me in the late 1980's with folks like Steve Earle, Dwight Yoakam, Lyle Lovett and Nanci Griffith and mushroomed from there to learning about artists from the past to the up-and-coming. Eventually, that led to learning about bluegrass and later Americana/rootsy music.

With "free time" on my hand as a reporter at the Salem, Massschusetts Evening News, in 1993, I started Country Standard Time magazine, which was distributed in record stores and live music clubs throughout the U.S. We're now only on the web covering everything from major label to true independent artists. My posts will cover the facets of what is about, which means all kinds of country, bluegrass and roots/Americana music.

Feel free to email me directly with your thoughts at Thanks a lot for reading.

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